What Goes into Creating Project Deliverables?

The process of taking a stakeholder request and turning it into a working product in the form of product deliverables is a long and complex one. First, the Scrum team must come up with user stories for a product request. By breaking a large request into several smaller parts, the team can focus on one feature at a time.

It would be impossible to finish a large and complicated product in the course of a single sprint. User stories allow the team to build pieces within the course of a sprint. The team can then give the resulting project deliverables to the stakeholder’s piece by piece.

Once user stories have been established, the team can create tasks for a user story. Where a user story describes a feature, tasks are what must happen to make the feature a reality. These tasks include programming assignments, testing assignments, and other administrative tasks that may be involved. If all tasks for a user story are completed, there should be a working piece of software to show for it.

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